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  • Buildings

    EEIS industrial building projects have ensured long-term functionality for utility, military, and other users.
  • Buildings

    EEIS industrial building projects have ensured long-term functionality for utility, military, and other users.
  • Buildings

    EEIS industrial building projects have ensured long-term functionality for utility, military, and other users.

Nushagak Electric Generator Building, Dillingham, Alaska

Electrical Power Systems, Inc. (EPS), was awarded a contract to replace two aging generator sets in Dillingham, Alaska, where most of the electricity is generated with diesel fuel. As the prime A/E consultant, EPS provided mechanical HVAC and electrical engineering for the two new 2.25-megawatt generator sets. EEIS Consulting Engineers, Inc. (EEIS), as a subconsultant to EPS, provided architectural/life-safety, civil, and structural engineering services. The work included all civil site and road access design, structural engineering for the building foundation, steel equipment racks, pipe, and HVAC supports. EEIS developed the architectural code study and coordinated with the Alaska State Fire Marshal to obtain a permit. EEIS also developed bid documents for the pre-engineered metal building and coordinated site-specific design elements.

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Wake Island Buildings, Wake Island, Pacific Ocean

Brice Environmental had a contract with the US Air Force for major maintenance at several different facilities. EEIS was retained to provide engineering and architectural services for structural repairs to three buildings. The old cladding of the buildings was replaced with new Kingspan insulated metal panels. One building refurbished was a World War II era concrete bunker that required an extensive structural retrofit. For that building, EEIS designed a complete roof replacement as well as replacement of the lateral load resisting system. Old overhead doors on two buildings were replaced with new Schweiss bifold doors. The new bifold doors required new jambs and headers. EEIS prepared structural analyses to verify capacity for the new jambs and headers and detailed the connections to install them into the existing structure. EEIS also provided details for the new roof and wall panels.

Eagle River Trunk Sewer Generator Building, Eagle River, Alaska

As a subconsultant, EEIS provided architectural/life safety design and structural engineering for a 450-square-foot building to house the emergency generator for the Eagle River to Anchorage trunk sewer pump station. The station was located near the Eagle River Campground. The generator building was located in the campground and was designed to match the architecture used on other campground buildings. Masonry construction was used to minimize sound transmission from the generator. The floor was exposed concrete hardened and sealed. The building featured an overhead trolley and had housekeeping pads for the switchgear, generator, and day tanks.

Main Gate Guard House and Inspection Building, Kulis Air National Guard Base, Anchorage, Alaska

This project involved a complete reconstruction of the guard building for main access to the Kulis Air National Guard Base. The guard house featured armored door access, bullet-proof windows, a guard operations area with secure weapons storage, and self-contained living quarters, including toilet room, break room, and kitchen facilities. EEIS performed architectural/life safety design of the guard house and structural design of vehicle barricades. Exceptional structural reinforcement was required in the structural engineering for defense against possible vehicle attack. EEIS provided highly detailed plans and specification for the guard house.